Our Story

The process we began in 2005 to create the most vivid and natural preserved flowers set out with one objective. We wanted to produce the best-preserved flowers anywhere on the planet. Working in our own labs we created a process and have been refining it over the years as technology advances. In fact we have evaluated over 20 different methodologies prior to creating our current process. We now produce the highest quality, longest lasting blooms available.

We perfected the science behind treating the flower at the individual cellular level. This unique scientific process preserves the flowers at each cell within the petals, leaves and stems. The natural soft texture, scent, shape and color are preserved for years. This advanced preservation technique is our “Flower Secret Process”.
We start with only the finest blooms. Each flower is carefully chosen for its beauty. Only the “best of the best” make it through the selection process. Superior quality combined with our advanced preservation process produce the best rose for any climate. It does not deteriorate like others and lasts for years, not weeks or months.