Booking method

Flower preservation requires high-skilled labor and need a very long time. Therefore, we accept a limited number of orders and can not accept all orders. We recommend your booking is to be months before the event. Reservations can be made by reaching us or one of our partners via e-mail, telephone or visiting us.

Flower delivery method

Contact us or our partner in advance to arrange for the following cases:

  • Delivery of flowers to Flower Secret personally
  • Shipping your flowers to Flower Secret by courier
  • Taking your flowers from you by Flower Secret
Delivery And Care Instructions

It is essential to deliver flowers to us as soon as possible after the event. Whenever the flowers are fresh, the results of the preservation will be better. For the best results, we should receive the flowers as soon as possible within one to three days after the event. The process of preservation for your flowers requires good planning. Please contact us or our partner from two to eight weeks from the event time to discuss the types of flowers, care and other actions.