The unique power of Flower Secret has been built on accumulated experiences in the field of flowers preservation since 2005. We have come to an innovative method to preserve flower's cells and tissues from damage for years through scientific research and development. This method is exclusive for Flower Secret.

By using the NanoFreeze technology, we can keep the natural flowers of your bridal bouquet or other special events. We carry out the work according to your sense. You can select the design, the frame, background color and more. We fulfill the wishes of the spouses to retrieve the beautiful details of the wedding and those who search for excellence and accuracy.

We are always committed to providing the best possible service in accordance with the highest quality standards and strive to maintain leadership in the field of flower preservation.

Take Photo for
the bouquet

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Stady Flower
composition &


Flower cells and
tissues treatement

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Color fixative and
preservative material

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Additives for
and to fix the shape


Re-arrange the
flowers inside frame

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Add memorial stuff
such as photo,
invitation letter

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Special glass for
vision & Protection

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NanoFreeze Technology – Preparation

This is the first of three Stages in which flowers are treated by NanoFreeze Technology. The flowers are prepared at this Stage for treatment process. Taking photos of the bride's hand bouquet from different angles as soon as we receive the bouquet. These images are kept in order to help to re-arrange the flowers later. Then, the flowers are dismantled from the bouquet to prepare each flower separately for treatment process. The quality and composition of the petals of each flower are studied in order to prepare the equipment and materials needed for the flower preservation process. It takes a full day to set up flowers at this stage.

NanoFreeze Technology – Treatment

Flowers come -after being initialized- to this Stage. This stage is the main base of flowers preservation process and the longest time. The tissues and cells of each flower are treated with NanoFreeze technology that freezes the shape and stabilizes the color. This Stage requires very high experience and precision in order to achieve successful results.

NanoFreeze Technology- Post Treatment 

This is the last Stage in flower preservation. Flowers are re-arranged in a special frame made by Flower Secret. This frame has special specifications to preserve the flowers. Memorial accessories of the Wedding such as pictures, invitation cards, candles, etc. are also arranged according to the wishes of the bride.