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Frequently Asked Questions :

You may have questions in your mind about the unprecedented service offered by the Flower Secret for each bride. For this purpose, we have collected and answered the questions that are frequently asked on this page. If you do not find the answer that you are looking for here or need for more clarification, Please do not hesitate to contact us through our website , Social media and private mail listed at the bottom of the page .

What is flower preservation?

It is the treatment process for natural flower in order to preserve its beauty, size, texture and original form for years. This process is performed using processes and preservatives for flower cells and tissues. The process of flower preservation is entirely different from the flower drying process .

How long does it take to preserve the flowers?

Currently, the process takes from one to three months. We are still developing the preservation process to be less than a month.

Is there any change in the shape and color of the flowers after the preservation process ?

There is no change in the shape of flowers. There may be a slight change in the color of the flowers.

Can the original appearance of the flower be restored by the preservation process if the flower is damaged ?

This depends on the quality of the damage. We have some ways that may be useful for some damage .

How long will the preserved bride's bouquet last?

There are several factors that influence the survival of preserved flowers. Flowers status at the delivery time is considered an influential factor in the survival length of preserved flowers. Like any natural flowers, flowers should keep away from the sun and direct heat sources. If you follow these instructions, these flowers will remain forever, especially we use special NanoFreeze technology to preserve the bride's hand bouquet .

What are the commemorative things that can be kept with the preserved Bride's hand bouquet ?

You can add photos, invitation card, cups or anything related to the wedding day inside the frame.

What is your experience in bride's hand bouquet preservation?

We started the research and development in the field of flower preservation in 2005. The first preserved flowers for the bride's hand bouquet were successfully completed in 2007 in the United States of America in collaboration with a scientist who has more than 30 years of experience in the natural materials preservation field. In short, We have accumulated experiences more than 10 years in flowers preservation field and no one has this experience in Middle East. Visit our story page for more details .

When would you prefer to book a flower preservation service?

Bookings are preferred at months before the wedding event. We accept a certain number of orders due to the limited production and the length of the preservation process, which needs continuous monitoring for more than one month. We may accept the booking before few days of wedding event if the number of bookings is not completed .

What is the NanoFreeze technology for wedding's hand bouquet preservation?

NanoFreeze technology is far superior to the flower preservation technology which we introduced to the market in 2008, which was preserving flowers for a few years. It is an exclusive technology for us and has no local and international counterparts. This technology is exclusive for wedding's hand bouquets preservation only. This technology is characterized by freezing and changing the properties of the flower cells, which makes the flower's strength cohesive, strong and resistant to moisture, dust and breakage.

What is the best time to deliver the bouquet to Flower Secret ?

It is Preferred that flowers delivery as soon as possible. There is no problem with late delivery provided that the flowers are not damaged.

What is the different with other preservation methods?

Our preservation process and technique are different.