Five types of bouquets should be tried

13 October 2017

Five types of bouquets should be tried

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The way you arrange your flowers for your wedding bouquet can give a lot of different kinds of looks and feels. Your bouquet is going to be a part of your whole wedding attire and will become a part of your most cherished memories, and so much be chosen carefully. If it turns our extra special, you even have the option of preserving it as an everlasting moment through Flower Secrets’ advanced preservation techniques. When making a decision on what you want, it is important to know what all is out there.

Classic hand tied

As the name suggests, this is a classic style with the flowers bunched together and tied with a ribbon. This style can be elaborate with lots of different flowers or small and simple with a one-flower arrangement, either way it is a straightforward and timeless style which works for all kinds of wedding ceremonies.


This elegant style is dense at the top and tapers off into wispy tendrils down bellow, which is why it is also called a waterfall. This is a great way to go for formal weddings and adds a bit of glamour to the ensemble.


This cute style works great for more casual weddings, and gives the bride a young, girlish look. The flowers are arranged in a ball shape and hung with pearls, lace or ribbon from the bride’s wrist.


This is a bit like the Cascade, but instead of loose tendrils there is a clear crescent shape with flowers extending down on either side. This can take a symmetrical or an asymmetrical look.


This is simple and beautiful to behold, but a complicated style to put together. Separate petals are strung together with wire in concentric circles, resulting in what looks akin to one large flower. This can be done with different colored petals to give it a more interesting look.


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