Moments Frozen In Time

2 February 2024

Moments Frozen In Time

Posted by: هاني الحجري

We’re here to tell you all about our mission in making it possible for you to relive your special moments every day, for many years.

The sight of a flower or a bouquet takes you on a journey that makes you remember the special times when you received them. You want to hold on to these times, these memories and never let go. If we may say, freeze moments in time.

That’s why flowers are not only a means to an end; they are not just a gift for a special moments, or a bouquet on the big day. They represent the people with you, emotions, and memories. We understand the value of this and we want to use our expertise to make it last forever.

We are here to provide you with the happiness of keeping special moments in your life alive through flower preservation. A method that treats natural flowers to live for years, keeping their natural color, scent and texture. We use more than 20 methods to produce different products.  With years of trials, we finally cracked the code to the finest method of flower preservation. This remains our ‘flower secret’, but stay tuned! 

Flower Secret was founded out of passion. The purpose of what we do goes beyond a business. Our passion is to preserve your special moments. 

We consider flowers to be matters that give statements of love, friendship, purity, prosperity, hope. We have a lot planned for you to make your moments frozen in time.


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