Roses – Different colors and their meanings

17 June 2017

Roses – Different colors and their meanings

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Roses are the one of the most popular flowers to give to your friends, families and significant others. These beautiful blooms are complex and diverse in their colors and meanings, and can be easily used to convey different affections and feelings. Here are the most common colors of Roses and the meanings associated with them:


Red Roses are the most beautiful kind, which is why they are symbolic of beauty, love, respect, compassion and courage. A bunch of red roses can be used to give your congratulations on a number of occasions or on a job well done. A Single red Rose, however, says “I love you” which is why it is so popular during Valentine’s Day. A deep red hue signifies unconscious beauty, making the red Rose a perfect flower to give to your significant other.


The white Rose, like so many other white flowers, is a heavenly flower signifying innocence and purity. A white rosebud can be a symbol of girlhood. White Roses convey reverence and humility, and so are usually used at wedding, in bridal bouquets and at formal events to give a feeling of elegance.


Pink is the color for appreciation, admiration, gratitude and perfect happiness. Giving anyone a Pink Rose is like giving them a silent “Thank You” note.


This color radiates feelings of happiness, pure joy and delight, which is why they are great to use on all happy occasions. They can also be gifted as a “welcome back” token, and signify friendship, so can be given to a good friend to show you care. A yellow Rose with reddening tips can symbolize friendship with the beginnings of love.


Orange is a bright and vibrant color that signifies desire, enthusiasm and fascination. These are also great to use at joyous occasions to make the event lively and lift up spirits.

Red & White

This combo reflects union, which makes it the perfect choice for weddings and bridal bouquets.


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