Seven Things To Keep After The Wedding

13 October 2017

Seven Things To Keep After The Wedding

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The day of the wedding is the day in which two hearts agreed to become one heart to share life together and as we prepared for this day it passes very quickly, so we recommend you keep some things that will make you remember this day always, including:


The joy of seeing wedding invitations for the first time can not be matched. Asmikma shares for the first time a single card side by side to see the friends and family invited to share the first chapter of the book of happiness, which is proud together, so you can keep the joy invitations by placing them in a frame and hanging on the walls of the house to adorn the most beautiful Memories.

Bride Bouquet

Many people think that wedding flowers will fade and end, but this is not true. You can now keep your wedding package with the advanced and innovative techniques provided by Flower Secret. After years of research and experience, Fluor Sicher's professional team, with the help of some chemicals and modern technologies, has managed to preserve flower cells to resist decomposition while maintaining color and texture. Flower Secret gives you a bouquet of flowers that lasts for ever.

A piece of wedding dress

The wedding dress is not like any other dress, but it reflects the taste and sense of the bride and share the happiest days of life, so you should keep a piece of cloth of the dress whether it is from the hill or lace or wedding scarves by placing them in a frame at home or keep them inside the wedding album.

Wedding Cake Accessories

The wedding cake ends with the end of the wedding and all you can remember is its taste and shape, but you can now keep a piece of it, the decorations above the cake, which are mostly prepared specifically for you. Whether it is a small statue made of ceramic or one of the innovative forms made of sugar paste paste that you can store in a dark place and dry for a week to become solid and then you can place it wherever you like.

Greetings cards and congratulations

You will get many greeting cards that contain beautiful phrases that fill you with happiness, and you can keep the distinctive ones to remain a memory of the blessing and love of friends and family and their happiness with your participation this precious occasion. You can also decorate the tables with blank cards to encourage your guests to write the most beautiful to you and then you can keep cards close to your heart.

Decorative candles

These candles light up the night of life and provide an atmosphere of romance is indispensable, in addition to that they live long and can be held throughout the house later.


You can also keep tablecloths and add your own touch. You can write your love story behind it to remain a memory of your love story.


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