Tell me your favorite flower tells you what you wear

27 November 2019

Tell me your favorite flower tells you what you wear

Posted by: Flower Secret

Much like your favorite blossoms can say a lot about your personality, it can also say a lot about the way you like to dress and carry yourself, as they are conveyors of an array of complex emotions. Here are a few popular flowers and what they say about your dressing style.


This bright and happy little flower represents the girlish and playful side of you. If you love this flower, you probably don’t think much about what you wear as long as it’s comfortable and non-restricting, so you can explore and have fun without worrying about getting a little dirt on them.


This classic and timeless flower is the embodiment of femininity and this is what it brings out in you. You like to take care when dressing up, and live for the details. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual one, you always wear what cannot go out of fashion, and oozes with beauty and perfection.

Calla lily

This tall and proud flower is the epitome of elegant and perfection. You carry yourself with poise and grace no matter what you wear, and radiate a sense of careless beauty. Your favorite thing to wear is a light summer dress in pastel colors accented with delicate jewelry.

Iris/ Orchids

Both these flowers have unique shapes that break away from the standard flower look. If you love these flowers, you are the personification of the phrase “imperfection is beauty”. You love to be quirky in your dressing styles and you’re always breaking fashion rules and daring to be different. Your style is completely original and free, independent of all current commercial trends.


These big, attention seeking flowers describe your style. You love turning heads wherever you go, and love frilly and loud embellishments. You like to keep up with changing trends and dress as fashionably as possible. You also like new and innovative designs, as long as they’re pretty and make you look fab.


Quite the opposite of the Carnation lovers, your style is subdued. You are a private person, and like to blend in to crowds. You like to dress and simple jeans and tees that give a sense of effortlessness. But don’t sorry, all this is part of your charm, and adds to beauty, much like the introverted, bulb shaped flower you love.


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