The strangest five flowers in the world

13 October 2017

The strangest five flowers in the world

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It comes to mind when you hear the word "flower" that small circle of four or five circular petals, but if you have a more extensive imagination you may go far to more complex forms like a circle of countless petals such as rose or cloves, However, wherever you go, we are sure that it will not include any of the following flowers:

Orchid bees

This beautiful flower of the Orchid species is characterized by a party resembling an extinct species of the female bees. This small flower casts on the male bees by tempting them to land on its surface by pretending to be female counterparts to ensure the pollination and survival. However, due to the extinction of this species, To self-vaccinate.

Bird of Paradise

This flower, also known as the "flower of the crane", belongs to the Strelitzian family, which is characterized by its non-traditional appearance, with its multicolored head, leaves, bird's head and beak.

American Pitcher plant

This flowering plant is not only interesting, but it also contains an evil character concealed in the belly jug, which, thanks to its appearance and fragrance, can attract many insects, which are anesthetized by the nectar found in this plant and then fall into the urn that leads to the bottom. It is difficult for these insects to escape because they are often unconscious after inhalation of nectar in addition to the formation and form of this plant, which is the insect bite by the secretion of some juices from inside. This process helps the plant to get the nutrients it needs and are not present in the soil where it grows.


This unique rose-colored flower belongs to the platypus and is characterized by its geometrical shape with small squares, which is unusual to see in nature around us, and is therefore called the name of the square lily.

The lady's slippers

This flower is found in several colors and resembles a caricature of a female vase. As soon as she sees her, she comes to mind the closed-toe leather shoe worn by the famous Minnie Mouse character. This plant is one of the rarest plants in the world and depends on feeding on a certain type of fungus which is not available in its leaves, but when the flower reaches maturity, the leaves can supply enough food to share with fungi.


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