Everlasting Moments – Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

19 January 2018

Everlasting Moments – Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Posted by: هاني الحجري

Bridal bouquets are one of the most important parts of the wedding. They decorate the bride and add a sense of feminine beauty and innocence, and each bride takes care to pick the right ones. But when it comes to keeping these blooms, a lot of brides have a difficult time deciding whether it is worth it or not. Here are a few reasons why these bouquets make valuable keepsakes:

They represent you

The flowers you carry on your wedding day are a much more significant part of you than you could ever imagine. The beautiful blooms are carefully selected by you, whether consciously or subconsciously, you have selected these flowers to reflect your moods, your hopes and dreams, and your personality and character. You have chosen these particular flowers to accompany you on your most special of days and so they represent you, which is why it is important to preserve these little and make them everlasting.

They convey messages

Flowers have many symbologies and hidden meanings associated with them, and when we use certain flowers we are conveying these meaning in the form of silent messages. The flowers you choose on your wedding day will say something to your significant other and to all your loved ones, and what you have to say on this special day is not something to be thrown away and forgotten. Preserve these little blooms and look at them in the years to come as messaged from the past.

They capture your special moments

Your wedding bouquet becomes a part of your most cherished moments. It captures the essence of that joyful dayand is something that stays with you throughout your wedding day experiences. Preserving these blossoms is like freezing those moments in time. This little keepsake will make you smile, every time you look at it, at the memories it brings. In this way, your big day will never really be gone and you will always have something fresh and lively to remember it by.