Flower Secret Preserves Bridal Bouquets with NanoFreeze Technology to Keep Wedding Memories Alive

12 March 2018

Flower Secret Preserves Bridal Bouquets with NanoFreeze Technology to Keep Wedding Memories Alive

Posted by: هاني الحجري


The average expenditure for an American wedding in 2016 exceeded $35,000, which did not include the honeymoon, and hosted about 140 people. The costs associated with flowers and décor were more than $2,500 alone. With floral arrangements being one of the top five major wedding expenses, outranked only by the venue, engagement ring, band and photographer, the florist and décor are a main attraction at most weddings. “Not only are flowers a key feature of the wedding ceremony, but the bridal bouquet is also a cherished keepsake many couples hold dear as a hallmark of their wedding day,” said Hani Al-Hajari, Managing Director of Flower Secret.

There are numerous ways new brides attempt to keep their wedding bouquet intact. Some common preservation techniques include pressing the flowers, hanging them upside down, or using silica gel, which all tend to dry out the bouquet. A few more radical approaches are using epoxy resin to turn the flowers into paperweights or dipping the flowers in wax. The predominant quality all these methods share is that the splendor and vibrant beauty of the bridal bouquet is gone forever. The flowers are now a dried out, flattened or distorted substitute for the more permanent memento many brides are hoping to have.

“None of these options seemed to possess what brides are really looking for, which is to be able to admire their bridal bouquets as a beautiful reminder of one of the most significant days in their lives,” stated Al-Hajari. “That’s the mystery behind Flower Secret. We can make what seems like an impossible dream turn into a happily ever after by preserving the bridal bouquet as fresh as it was on their wedding day.”

When it comes to the reality of what brides truly want, to have their bridal bouquet last forever, Flower Secret’s NanoFreeze Technology delivers. This breakthrough flower preservation technology is a scientifically proven and sustainable way to preserve wedding bouquets and other floral keepsakes forever and ever. NanoFreeze Technology actually halts the enzymatic reactions within the flower on the nano-molecular level and essentially freezes them in time. This scientifically-proven process changes the physical and chemical properties in each flower, therefore creating a wedding hand bouquet that is a sacred memento and looks just as lovely as it did when the bride held it at her wedding.

This first-of-its kind technology specifically targets the three main drivers of decay: the microorganisms in flower cells, enzymatic reactions, and the sustaining food or fluid found in the flower. This incredible innovation is actually tackling the decay instead of trying to delay it.

For the flowers to persevere as a truly timeless bridal bouquet, NanoFreeze Technology is built based on scientific theory. Enzymatic reactions can be stopped at freezing temperatures below 0-degrees Celsius or warmer temperatures above 60-degrees Celsius, as well as below the pH level of 4 or higher than 10. The flower properties are adjusted at an optimum pH and temperature for enzyme activity, and the properties of the food and fluid within the flower. When the flowers cells are manipulated on this nano scale it promotes a period of stasis, creating an ideal environment for prolonged floral life. NanoFreeze Technology actually alters each flower’s chemical makeup to permanently maintain a state of equilibrium forevermore.

NanoFreeze Technology is a seven-step process that preserves the flowers in such a way that they never wilt, mold, fade or crumble. The first step is the hydration process, which begins the immortalization process of the floral bouquet. Next, the most common plant predators like mold, bacteria and yeast are eradicated, eliminating the presence of microorganisms. Step three involves treating the fluid from each flower. Then, the flower’s temperature and pH enter into a state of stasis, followed by each flower being treated on a cellular level to inhibit microorganism growth. The sixth step involves a specialized freezing treatment that inhibits the possibility of decay, decomposition or aging. Lastly, the flowers are placed in a controlled environment within an airtight frame for a timeless floral display that protects the bouquet from the damaging effects of light and temperature.

With Flower Secret’s comprehensive, step-by-step process, flowers look like they are literally frozen in a moment of time. This incredible technology finally gives couples a wedding keepsake that captures the true essence of marriage by standing the test of time.

About Flower Secret

Since 2005 Flower Secret has been perfecting the science behind their advanced preservation techniques. Working in their own labs they created a process and have been refining it over the years as technology advances. In fact, Flower Secret has evaluated over 20 different methodologies prior to creating their NanoFreeze process. They now produce the highest quality, longest lasting blooms available in the world.


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