Your wedding is a never ending tale

an introduction:

Each of the previous names has a story, every story in the history of mankind, whether real or fictional, for a woman or a man, for an individual or a group, for a world or a fool, for love or hatred, sincerity or treason, courage or cowardice, beauty or virtue , Death or immortality ... Each of these stories would not have reached us without Rao telling her to us, Rao transmitting them from generation to generation, and from era to era, even fairy tales have to imagine Rao us. This narrator may be embodied in many forms and different bodies. Sometimes we may be fed up with the merchants' convoys, and we may be in the form of a penitent who earns his living from his greatness. It may be embodied in the manuscript of an anonymous writer. He may be a bright poet who weaves rhymes and spawn the seas. With his horns around the fire of the stove on a cold day, and may also resemble the image of an old lady cutting on her grandchildren a thousand nights to encourage them to sleep Bakr.

And the day of your wedding!

memory forever, the wedding day is a novel stand alone, many events, and struggle is tense, and classes are diverse and many people: the first meeting, the first hope, the first promise, The first is a gilded invitation card, embossed kushah, flowered flowers, a partner of age, anxious parents, loyal friends, eager neighbors, masked evangelists and lovers.

So are you!

You will not be able to remember all the details as the days pass. Yes, you may remember everything about your wedding day after a year or two, or at best after 10 years, but when we grow older we lose the ability to remember. We try hard to sit with ourselves in order to remember the details of the past, but we can not, the many and successive responsibilities of life prevent us. At this moment, we need a mediator to remind us of a messenger who is nostalgic for our thoughts. Sometimes we find solace in an old worn-out paper or a ballet, or a picture of people who were in the past at the beginning of the youth. But these things also remind us that life has passed, and instead of remembering the sweetness of the past, it also reminds us of the long journey we have made between spring and fall. Anything harder than that? Anything tougher and ordered?

Which Rao is nicer and thinner?

The most appropriate story of the old age is the flowers of the wedding , there is no doubt about it ... But unfortunately the life of this narrator is short, if he lived long! If he lived long, he would have immortalized you forever. If he had lived long, he would have told your children and grandchildren your story, to rekindle your partner's life, to give him a whiff of love and new hope, to return to the first chapter of the novel more loving and vital. ... and start playing again with you and you, playing between the yeast and flowers ... spring flowers ... spring of life ...

Your age is ... It is:

For this great value, our company Flower Security grew up to preserve the most beautiful memories of life, by preserving its narrator, we made the promise to make you happy. We will keep you on the wedding blossoms and hold the bride for life, not saying we will keep it for a year or two ... Our message is deeper than that and bigger ... but saying "we will preserve it for life" We do not say we will keep it dry, we are not specialized in embalming the dead ... But we say that "we will preserve them for life in the same color and the same texture and the same form of fascination"

but how is that?

We will then answer this question, which begins with "how," but let us first answer a more logical and important question. This question begins with "Why?"

Why should you think about keeping your wedding flowers the same shade of life?

When you are doing this you are investigating the following:
  • Make sure your partner understands the importance of this day for you.

  • Prove to your partner that you are loyal to the past and that you are authentic in everything, even in your memory.

  • Keeping your wedding flowers demonstrates your love and attention to detail.

  • Keeping your wedding flowers proves to your adversaries that your love is forever.

  • Azhark remind your children and grandchildren of your wedding day and your belonging to them, and send them a message implicitly emphasizes the importance of this relationship and this link sacred to every human being.

  • By keeping your flowers as beautiful as they are, you and your partner will always have a lasting positive impression. This positive impression will result in positive thinking, positive behavior, and then attract you and have everything that is positive in life.

  • It will help you remember all the details of the past, you will enjoy the beautiful ticket and you are attacking your coffee on the cold winter nights.

Back to answer the question, how do we at Flower Secret keep your wedding flowers?

The answer to this question is not a complicated detail, and we can sum it up in two words;


Stems from our recognition of the importance of this anniversary for you, and from our message, which does not accept less than the leadership in providing new ideas, services and products in the field of flowers, plants and gifts.


Because each flower of your wedding flowers will be preserved by a team of specialized engineers and chemists and laboratories designed on the latest technological methods in the field of plant conservation, the stage of preserving the flowers of your wedding is done through three stages:

For details about these stages and other information you need to register

We are restricted to our factory area and to our staff who are responsible for implementing this service. We will only accept a limited number of bookings in order to achieve the quality you expect.

Service price?

Although FluorCity is the only company in the Middle East to offer this unique service, and despite the high cost to the company to complete this task, including the wages of engineers, chemists and special materials used in the conservation process, but these factors did not pay us Our goal is to build a loyal customer base, not only that, but to build generations of loyal customers over the years because we care about the note and we care about it. Also to be Na Rao tells the story, and the best Rao can do that is you, the customer , floor Savior, for that we have tried very hard to be logical in the price of the service. The price of service includes all costs without shipping costs will be a surprise, it will be much less than a few bottles of famous perfumes, less than the price of a portable device of a famous brand, much lower than the values we offer in this service: We offer a service that lasts for life. Perfumes consume, mobile devices are limited by prescription, cookies, sweets and bands. It ends with the wedding day. We offer you a masterpiece of artistic, aesthetic and psychological that will stay with you over time ... We provide you with a beautiful memory, a warm moment, a solid tone, and lasting love.

What is more wise ... to spend large sums on something temporary and refrain when we spend a little on what is left?

Is keeping flowers a proven and proven process or is it scientifically viable or unsuccessful?

We will not risk our reputation with hollow words or unfounded propaganda. When we keep preserving flowers for life, we are aware of every word we speak and have legal and moral responsibility. Flower Secret has been established in Saudi Arabia for more than a year, but we have not announced our services so we can try the product free of charge on a good number of customers, the results were promising and achieved 100% success rate, these results encouraged us to announce The company is officially ....

But who are we providing this service? What is our potential?

We have spent years researching and studying flower conservation. These efforts have resulted in the conservation of flower cells and tissues from damage for years through research, development and scientific cooperation with foreign experts. This method is new and exclusive at all. Using special materials and techniques, we can keep your wedding bouquet flowers or flowers any other occasion of your own. We design work according to your taste. You can choose design, frame, background color and so on. We provide services to Gulf countries and other countries. We fulfill the wishes of the bride who has a good taste and who cares about every moment of the night of life and looking for excellence and accuracy in everything. We strive to maintain our values that are innovation, quality, beauty, dedication, and credibility. These values are what distinguish us from others. We are always committed to providing the best possible service according to the highest quality standards.

Keep in mind that the number of bookings is limited in order to ensure the highest quality service
Possible, please feel free ... Take the opportunity and connect with us now.

Is there a warranty period for our service?

Warranty period 3 months! We know that some may be shocked by the previous statement, but we must first realize that the term of the warranty is determined by many factors, including legal and other matters related to how the customer deals with the frames. The warranty is different from the validity. As we mentioned before, we will not risk our credibility for promotional words. Hollow, we have committed beautiful flowers for life, but the customer must also promise us to abide by the instructions we will give him to achieve our vision, which is simple and easy to follow anyway

How to book and deliver:

Flor Silk's flower conservation requires trained professionals and trained workers who need a very long time. For these reasons, we accept the number of applicants because it is difficult at this time to meet all the requests received. We recommend booking months before the event. Reservations can be made by contacting us or one of our agents or by attending in person or by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

It is very sad if you continue with us and apologize to you because of the completion of bookings, do not arrive late ... Contact us now

In cases of delay in booking

If the number of projects we work on is low, we can also accept the service for customers requesting late service. We can also accept the service after the wedding if our working conditions allow it, but the most important thing is to deliver flowers as soon as possible. Possible after the occasion. The more fresh and fresh the flowers, the better the results, so we should receive flowers as soon as possible within a day to three days after the occasion. Flower conservation requires good planning. So please contact us or any of our agents two to eight weeks before the occasion to discuss the types of flowers and instructions for care and other preventive measures.

Will you change the shape and color of the flowers after the conservation process?
What other souvenirs can be kept with the bride?

What is the frequency? ... Khalidi your story now ..... We are helping you achieve this .... Just ... contact me ... now