Flower Secret: Millennial Weddings Are More Extravagant and Integrate a Higher Level of Technology Than Couples in Years Past

16 April 2018

Flower Secret: Millennial Weddings Are More Extravagant and Integrate a Higher Level of Technology Than Couples in Years Past

Posted by: هاني الحجري


Compared to their parents’ weddings, millennial weddings are extremely extravagant.1 In fact, 70% of millennial newlyweds acknowledge that their wedding was by far more elaborate than their parent’s special day.1 The millennial generation is meeting online, and even incorporating advanced technology into all aspects of their weddings. “Technology can really provide spectacular enhancements to weddings,” said Hani Al-Hajari, Managing Director of Flower Secret. “Even more remarkable is the way technology can be used to create everlasting wedding keepsakes.”

Immersed in technology all of their lives, the millennial generation is even meeting their spouse through online dating services. In this day and age, approximately 33% of couples meet online through dating sites and apps.1 This technology serves millennials well, as a study found that couples who met their spouse online are found to have a happier more satisfying marriage than those who met their spouse offline.1 Additionally, research suggests that marriages that originate online have lower incidence of ending in separation or divorce.1

Once a couple is engaged, the next step is getting all of the wedding details sorted out. As one of the most anticipated days in the life of a bride-to-be, everything needs to exemplify what the couple has been dreaming about and be an experience of a lifetime. Research indicates that 72% of millennial women are happiest when spending money on experiences.2 More than 80% of millennial women will look for the best deals, but are willing to indulge themselves.2 With that in mind, millennial brides are more likely to go all out to create a truly memorable wedding experience for themselves and their wedding attendees.

As weddings evolve, it is easy to see that advanced technology is taking weddings to the next level. Millennial weddings are more digitally focused than ever before with online wedding registries, drone photography, 3-D cake toppers, and even heart-rate monitors for when the bride and groom walk down the aisle.3 Other hot wedding trends include putting selfie sticks on the tables for guests to use when taking pictures, so they can post on social platforms, such as Instagram, along with the wedding couples designated hashtag.4 Couples are also using button-hole cameras or a bridal bouquet camera to get a first-person perspective of what the bride and/or groom are experiencing on their big day.4

Innovations in wedding-related technology can also keep wedding memories alive for anniversaries (and generations) to come. One of the top predictive wedding trends uses advanced technology for wedding flower preservation. While the bouquet camera is able to capture the wedding day from the bride’s perspective, being able to freeze the bridal bouquet in time is a technological advancement that many couples desire. The time has arrived for this wedding dream to become a reality with the first-of-its-kind NanoFreeze technology.

Flower Secret’s NanoFreeze technology allows brides to keep one of the most precious wedding memories alive with an incredible scientifically-proven and sustainable technique. NanoFreeze Technology holds a state-of-the-art solution for an age-old flower preservation problem, as it actually tackles the root cause of decay. By targeting the microorganisms in the flower cells, as well as enzymatic reactions within the cell walls, and the sustaining food or fluid found in the stem, NanoFreeze technology creates an ideal environment for prolonged floral life.

Flower Secret’s comprehensive seven-step process preserves bridal bouquets in such a way that they will never wilt, crumble, mold or fade. By halting the enzymatic reactions within the flower cells on a nano-molecular level, NanoFreeze technology permanently alters the physical and chemical properties of each flower, while leaving the integrity of the structure, appearance and bloom in tact.

“Many wedding elements are being saved in an intangible digital world,” comments Al-Hajari. “NanoFreeze technology allows couples to keep the faith and fidelity alive that their wedding flowers once represented in ancient Roman times. It gives them a significant keepsake of their vows and commitment that they can see in their home every single day of their happily ever after.”

About Flower Secret

Since 2005 Flower Secret has been perfecting the science behind their advanced preservation techniques. Working in their own labs they created a process and have been refining it over the years as technology advances. In fact, Flower Secret has evaluated over 20 different methodologies prior to creating their NanoFreeze process. They now produce the highest quality, longest lasting blooms available in the world.


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